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About recording... 

All samples were recorded with my microphone plugged direct into the ALTO mic preamp and than direct to Behringer UCA200 audio interface. The only thing I did with recorded tracks was normalizing - amplifying. There aren't added any effects or whatever you might think of.

44.1kHz, 128kbit/s


Flute recorded with my microphone. Clasic middle range flute with really annoying and loud sound of keys. Thanks to my sister Lucija(15). 

Download: flute.mp3

Download: flute_low_cut.mp3

This was an experiment. I've put two F-one directly on the piano, and asked my brother Nejc to play something. Maybe the position was wrong.


Download: ragtime.mp3



flute_low_ cut.mp3




Another experiment with my microphones. This time I asked myself to play some guitar and  surprisingly I was ready to record this with no costs. Thanks to me. :)

Position - well, somewhere in front of guitar hole. 

Test2. Again, boring monday make me play the guitar. Two
V-one's and some Audition features(normalizing,eq and reverb). The recording was made again in five minutes. I'm sorry I didn't play it correct, actually I didn't give a shit that day if it is correct or not:)

Download: amazing grace.mp3
Download: Both sides now beta.mp3


amazing grace.mp3

Both sides now beta.mp3

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