schperplata products


Flute microphone F-one with beltpack preamplifier mamsys. Can be mounted on various diameter flutes.

Flute (coming)

Flute microphone F-two with beltpack preamplifier mamsys. The same electronic as in F-one but this time capsule is mounted on shockmount. A little longer gooseneck. Can be mounted on various diameter flutes.


Microphone V-one for violin or viola with beltpack mamsys. Mounted on flexible gooseneck with shockmount.


Preamplifier mamsys

Microphone preamplifier mamsys suitable for microphones F-one and V-one. Requires 48V phantom power.

Please, if you need microphone for any other instrument, feel free to contact me. Also, If there is any  wishes for modification, there's no problem. Contact me!

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