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Microphone preamplifier mamsys 

All condenser microphones on these site need their own preamplifier. You can't plug microphone direct into the mixing console, you must have some preamplifier to drive cables and matching impedance. 

mamsys is wired phantom powered microphone preamplifier, which is attached on your belt with clip. It is very light. It has two great features: mute and low cut. 

Technical data(mamsys) :

Dimensions: 77 x 50 x 33 mm 

Weight: 50g

Input connector: mini XLR, 4 pin

Output connector: male XLR

Powering: 48V(external phantom power)

Mute switch: mutes output signal 

Low cut switch: cuts signal at approximately 100Hz(good for  windy outdoor applications)

S/N ratio: <60dB

mamsys user manual.pdf mamsys user manual.pdf
Size : 131.356 Kb
Type : pdf

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